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What Are Groups?

Xerocraft's Groups are a way for our members, or even the general public, to participate in the Xerocraft community with others that share their interests.

Groups have their own Public or Private content they can share with their members, this includes:

  • Group News & Announcements
  • Group Projects
  • Group Classes
  • Group Events
  • Group Photo Albums
  • Group Forum
  • Group Informational Pages

In some groups, the members themselves can create this content, while in others, it may be a bit more controlled.

Feel free to explore the groups we have at Xerocraft and find one you like! You can always apply to create a new one too!

How do I join a group?

Not all groups are public. Some groups are closed & private (and may even be hidden!)

To join a group (if you can... read below), simply click on the group from the list above, and you will see the group's enrollment options from there.

Groups have a few important settings that determine how you can interact with them or join them:


A.K.A "Privacy"

A group can be visible to the "Public", or it can be a range of other visibility-settings such as "Active Members Only", "Volunteers Only", "Group Members Only", etc.

If you can SEE a group in the list on this page, then you meet that groups' visibility settings.

Enrollment Prerequisites

Some groups can be joined by anyone and everyone! But other groups may be locked down to only certain types of Xerocraft members.

There are a range of settings that determine whether or not you can join a group. The group may be open to "Everyone", or just "Active Members Only", or "Volunteers Only", etc.

If you don't meet a group's Enrollment Prerequisites, then you won't be able to join it! (You can always be invited by a group leader, despite these settings however.

NOTE: Some groups have it setup so that these enrollment prerequisites are enforced even after you join! For these groups, you will automatically be dropped from the group after a Grace Period. But don't worry: You'll be notified so that you can make sure you meet these prerequisites before then!

Group Joining Settings

There are also other settings for groups that determine HOW it can be joined

  • Some groups are Open Enrollment.
  • Some groups you have to Request to join.
  • Some groups are by Invitation Only.
  • Some groups can be joined via a Invite-Link that the Group Leaders can share.